RETHINK, Inc. is an emerging force in the e-collaboration and business innovation domain. The release of the RethinkTank™ offers a premier enterprise solution for online e-collaboration, communication, and file sharing accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

RETHINK developed and applies a unique integrated business innovation method. Our patent pending software platform, the RethinkTank E.S.P.™ delivers a secure solution that connects people, teams, and businesses regardless of time, location, or limitation via the Internet. It allows them to work together in real-time, exchange information, files, presentations, images, and documents, as well as chat and audio/video conference in a single environment.

We are in the process of furthering the development of our product, securing additional funding, and seeking strategic partners to form relationships with. If you are interested in investing in RETHINK, or would like further information, please contact CEO Len Marchese at, or call 312-730-4184.

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