The RethinkTank offers creative tools for visioning and creating, or simply playing.
Some tools require the Shockwave Plugin from Macromedia which will load automatically if you don't already have it. Most browsers come with the Shockwave Plugin pre-installed. For the RethinkTank E-Collaboration Software Platform (E.S.P.), click here.

The Rethink-Pad ™ is an e-space for creating a vision, visualizing new combinations, or simply doodling while you rethink.
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Test or sharpen your memory with this clever RethinkTank Matching Game. Click on cards to turn them over. As you make matches you will receive inspirational messages written on the cards and be exposed to classic creative innovators. After you match all the cards you will reveal a special RethinkTank lesson - a message that can help you in life, or work, or both!
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The RethinkTank Word Smash will take text that you enter and give you a totally new combination in a pop-up window. Word Smash can help you rethink your term, evolve your concept, or give you a brand new outlook on your situation.

Test your analytical skill and spatial perception. These Puzzles shift their pieces automatically and you will be limited in your options of solving them. Are you up to the challenge?

For someone who need answers instantly - ask the Magic Cube!

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